Main Features

All your work tools on a single platform

Customer Service

Confirm your orders with efficiency

  • Dispatching of orders to your confirmation agents according to your preferences
  • Automatic detection of bad customers and loyal customers
  • Automatic detection of duplicate orders
  • Traceability history of confirmation attempts history
  • Customization of your confirmation statuses
  • Automatic sms sending on each confirmation step
Preparation of orders

Preparing your orders has never been that easy and simple

  • Printing of labels
  • Customization of your label
  • Choice of your delivery partners according to your criteria
  • Delivery list printing
  • Automatic generation of tracking
  • Dispatching of orders with barcode scanner
Delivery tracking

Optimize your delivery and minimize cancelled orders

  • Tracking of your own delivery agents and delivery companies
  • Real-time tracking of your delivery orders
  • Managing delayed deliveries
  • Automatic validation of delivered and cancelled orders
  • Barcode validation of cancelled orders
  • Printing of cancelled and delivered orders list
  • Printing of payment list
After-sales service

Improve your customer relationship with an efficient after-sales service

  • Launch and tracking of customer complaints
  • Processing of product exchange and refund operations
  • Processing of collected products (defective or good state)
  • Automatic processing of your after-sales accounting


Analyze your business in real time on ECOMANAGER

Stock management

Revolutionize your stock management from the beginning

  • Management of your products by option (size, shoe size, color, dimension, format…)
  • Management of products by supplier, brand and shop
  • Traceability on all movements of your stock (in and out) and employees
  • out-of-stock and critical minimum threshold alerts
  • Inventory of your stock by quantity, purchasing value and selling value
  • Real-time tracking of your physical stock (in and out warehouse)
Accounting and Finance

Keep an eye on your company's financial health

  • Management of your expenses by type
  • Periodic calculation of your revenues (turnover)
  • Periodic calculation of your expenses
  • Periodic calculation of your profit
  • Accounting analysis of your delivery expenses and revenues
  • Accounting analysis of your after-sales service
Statistics and Performance

Get a 360° vision on your project to better pilot your growth

  • Statistics on your sales and products
  • Statistics on your communication channels and shops
  • Statistics on your agents confirmation rate
  • Statistics on your delivery agents and companies
  • Statistics on your distribution network
  • Automatic daily generation of orders report
  • Display of statistics according to your criteria

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