First integrated management platform for E-Commerce with COD payment (Cash on Delivery)


The solution to all your e-commerce management problems

You have an online shop and you have difficulties managing your buisness? Ecomanager is the right software for you!

With its large panel of tools and features that cover all aspects of E-commerce, the platform will allow you to optimize your time, reduce your costs and take the right strategic decisions for your growth.

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Why us?

5 reasons to choose Ecomanager

Mobility and accessibility

Access to your account at any time, from any place and with any device (computer, smartphone, tablet).

Simple and easy to use

The platform has been developed in order to ensure an easy convenient user experience for all your employees and collaborators

Support and assistance

Our team provides you with usage advice, demonstrations videos and answers to your questions

Updates and improvements

Ecomanager is in constant evolution, we provide continuous updates and improvements in accordance with your needs and the market evolution

A flexible pricing

Keep control of your expenses with our different and flexible pricing plans adapted to your company size, sales volume and work tools


All your work tools on a single platform

Confirmation of orders

Preparation of orders

Delivery tracking

Payment tracking

After-sales service

Stock management

Accounting and Finance

Statistics and Performance


Benefit from the power of your work tools


You can pilot and manage several shops with a single ECOMANAGER account to optimize your resources.

Delivery agent application

Provide your delivery agents with an intuitve and complete mobile application.

SMS notifications

keep your customers updated of their orders delivery progrss at any time with automatic sms sending.

API integration

Automate the workflow of your orders with your e-commerce website and your delivery partners.

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How it works

  • Request a free trial

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  • Receive access by email

    Your account will be ready in a few minutes

  • Test the platform for 7 days

    You can test all the features of the platform

  • Validate your subscription

    Choose your pricing plan and complete the payment


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Customers reviews

I would like to thank all the team for their seriousness, professionalism and amazing reactivity.
In regards to the platform, ECOMANAGER is probably the best solution for all people who want to start or already have a buisness in e-commerce (Cash On Delivery) I strongly recommend it.


Manager of SLK and Mamaison

ECOMANAGER is the best e-commerce management solution in Algeria.


Manager of COD SCAL

I would like to thank all the team for their professionalism and seriousness.
Ecomanger is at the height of our expectations. In case of problems they are always present and listening.
Thank you and keep up the good work


Manager of Natural Bio

ECOMANAGER is the ideal solution for e-commerce management. Thanks to the platform, we have been able to automate all our daily work from the beginning of the process until the payment or returns with the possibility to analyse our activity in real-time.


Manager of Birkhadem Store

Thanks to ECOMANAGER I have been able to reduce my work hours by 2 hours per day and automate all the process from orders confirmation until the payment of the deliveries. In addition, thanks to the synchronization of Ecomanager with Ecotrack and Ecostore, I have succeeded to pass from 20 orders to 100 orders per day with only 3 employees .
Thank you to all the team


Manager of Eleganza